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China Steel Yearbook (English)

China Steel Yearbook is composed by China Steel Development Research Institute (CSDRI), which is under the directorship of CISA (China Iron & Steel Association).
CSDRI has published the Chinese edition of China Steel Yearbook since 1985 under the directorship of China Metallurgical Industry Ministry, the former of CISA. CSDRI has published the English edition of China Steel Yearbook since 2006.
All of the data in this book is gathered from official government departments or from steel enterprises directly.
China Steel Yearbook 2013 involves eight parts:
Macro-economic development in 2012
China steel industry in 2012
Production and consumption of steel products
Production and consumption of raw materials
Statistics in 2012
Relative policies and regulations in 2012
Science and technology progress in 2012
Brief introduction of key steel companies in 2012
● Profiles of steel enterprises
● 2012 Production by finished product
● Turnover, profit & asset valuation
● Main equipment
● Important developments
● Ownership
● Key people
CSDRI provides three product portfolios:
A: Hardcopy
B: Hardcopy +PDF
C: Hardcopy +PDF +Excel data

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