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Metallurgical Financial Accounting
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Metallurgical Financial Accounting

Metallurgical Financial Accounting is a monthly journal approved by the General Administration of Press and Publication, hosted by CSDRI, and guided by the Financial Apartment of CISA. Metallurgical Financial Accounting is an open space for finance and accounting, marketing and management personnel to learn financial knowledge, share financial information exchange experience and published articles.
Purpose of the Magazine: we insist on serving the development of metallurgical industry, metallurgical accounting managers; focus on the economic efficiency, promote the reform and development of the metallurgical industry, enhance the management level of financial and accounting; reflect the requirements and recommendations of the enterprise leaders, management personnel, accountants, industrial experts and scholars; and build the learning platform for corporate managers and financial experts.
Main Columns: there are dozens of columns appear alternately in our magazine, which including recent laws and regulations study, accounting forum, enterprise reform, benchmarking and discover potential, information technology management, technological innovation, implementation of the scientific concept of development, funds management, budget management, financial management, asset management, cost management, risk management, capital operation, profit analysis, research and survey, price analysis, experience exchange, business skills, management accounting, auditing corner, marketing special, accounting and supervision, securities, funds, insurance, tax special, information desk ,market price, readers review, knowledge column, readers’ application and etc. Our magazine also publishes advertisements to promote corporate image, new products, new technology, new equipment, to enhance their credibility and to explore new market. Our magazine stages at provincial and ministerial level, journals and thesis published at our magazine may be used as important records for career promotion.
The editorial committee of China Steel Yearbook is composed by leaders of major Chinese iron and steel corporates. For detailed list of editorial committee members please contact editorial department.
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