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China Steel Focus

China Steel Focus, firstly published in 1985, is a comprehensive monthly publication authorized by the General Administration of Press and Publication. The magazine mainly serves the corporate managers, marketing and sales personnel of the steel industry, and its upstream and downstream industries; provides information for consulting agencies, banks, security firms, and research staff of industrial institutions; it reports on the hot spots of current steel industry and focuses on in-depth analysis of current events.
The editorial committee of China Steel Yearbook is composed by leaders of major Chinese iron and steel corporates. For detailed list of editorial committee members please contact editorial department.
Main Columns:
Current Focus: timely reports on the analysis of major national economic policies and state-owned enterprise reform and development.
Special Report: reports and analyses on the reform and development of large and medium-sized iron and steel enterprises and other key issues.
Market Analysis and Forecast: in-depth analysis and forecast of the market conditions of steel products.
Management Theory and Cases: introduces advanced management theory and successful corporate management experience, analyses and deducts from failure of corporate management.
Legal Affairs: reflects legal cases of steel corporates, shares experiences and promote the level of legal practices in iron and steel industry.
Human Resource Management: provides a platform for industry and corporates human resources management to exchange experience and improve the level of management.
Corporate Information Technology: reports new progress of information technology; exchanges and promotes the development of the industry information.
Technology and Equipment Overview: connects equipment suppliers and steel producers, introduces trend, application and development cutting-edge technology in the steel industry; and exchange experience in technological innovation.
Information Platform: provides information about business equipment renovation and upgrade.
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