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China Steel Yearbook (Chinese)

  China Steel Yearbook, firstly published in 1985, is a chronicle annual production that reflects all aspects of Chinese iron and steel industry development. The Yearbook was compiled by CSDRI and under the leadership of CISA, formerly the Ministry of Metallurgy and Industry.
The editorial committee of China Steel Yearbook is composed by leaders of major Chinese iron and steel corporates. For detailed list of editorial committee members please contact editorial department.
China Steel Yearbook systematically recorded the operation of Chinese iron and steel industry. The twelve columns represent twelve major aspects of the industry:
  1. Special Thesis: iron and steel industry at a glaze.
  2. Policies and Regulations: compiles of national major policies and regulations related to iron and steel industry.
  3. Operation of Chinese Iron and Steel Industry: includes main operation and industry related operations two parts, describing production, operation and the market of main steel industry and supporting industries in the past year.
  4. Chinese Iron and Steel Statistics: includes general statistics, iron and steel industry statistics and corporate statistics three parts, all data come from China Iron and Steel Industry Association, National Bureau of Statistics and corporate annual reports.
  5. Scientific and Technological Progress of Chinese Iron and Steel Industry: marks technology progress of ironmaking, steelmaking, rolling, energy conservation, quality, information technology and other aspects, as well as Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards.
  6. China Iron and Steel Enterprise Reform and Management: introduces main developments and achievements in Chinese steel industry reform and iron and steel enterprise restructure.
  7. Major Events in Chinese Iron and Steel Industry: record of the major achievements of iron and steel industry and enterprises in the past year.
  8. Overview of China Iron and Steel Industry by Region: fact sheet of the operation of major Chinese steel producers by provinces.
  9. Chinese Metallurgical Enterprises Overview: includes overview of China Iron and Steel Industry Association, production and operation, project construction, independent innovation, corporate management of major iron and steel enterprises and supporting industries, research institutes in the past year.
  10. International Iron and Steel Information: briefing on world steel production, markets, trade, as well as mergers and acquisitions.
  11. Personnel and Corporate Structure: records the leader names and institutional structure of China Iron and Steel Association, as well as its branches in Beijing, such as lists of executive director, acting directors of the CISA, corporate members and individual members of CISA.
  12. Appendix: collection of all kinds of innovations programs, professional skills competition awards in Chinese iron and steel industry.
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