Consulting and Research

Industry Consulting
Corporate Consulting
Corporate Consulting and Research
  Corporate Consulting: providing consulting services such as development strategy and management system, competitiveness and business model analysis, costs and technology comparisons for iron and steel corporates, miners and other non-ferrous metal corporates.  
  Cases on Corporate Development Strategies and Management:(as restricted by contracts, corporate names in the cases were taken out)
  Study on the Relationship between Steel Enterprise Development Strategy and Technology Innovation
  Group A Countermeasures for the Twelfth Five-Year Development Plan
  Research on Group B Main Steel Business Transformation and Upgrading Strategies
  Research on Group C Development Strategy and Management
  Study on Positioning and Process Selection for Group D New Production Base
  Research Report of Group E Strategic Transformation
  Group F Long-term Development Strategy Outline
  Group G Excellent Performance and Strategic Management Implementation Design Program
  BAIO Group Medium to Long-term Development Strategy
  Research on Typical Foreign Iron and Steel Corporates Strategy and Governance Structure
  Cases on Competitiveness and Business Models:(as restricted by contracts, corporate names in the cases were taken out)
  Research on Investment Opportunities in Iron and Steel Industry in Southeast Asia and other Asian Regions
  Branding Program for Group H
  World First Class Iron and Steel Corporates Research
  Study on Iron and Steel Enterprises Economies of Scale
  Iron and Steel Enterprise Evaluation Process and Value Assessment System
  Cases on Corporate Costs and Technology Economy:
  Medium and Large Iron and Steel enterprises Benchmarking and Potential Discovering Monthly Report
  Integrated Iron and Steel Enterprises Costs Benchmarking Quarterly Report
  Cameroon National Mining Planning and Consulting Report
  Iron Ore Financial Derivatives Market Research
  Private Iron and Steel Enterprises Annual Development Report
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