Brief Introduction of CSDRI

Basic Information of CSDRI
【Basic Information】 China Steel Industry Development Research Institute (CSDRI) established in September 1979, back then it was authorized by the State Council and administrated directly by the Ministry of Metallurgy and Industry; in February 2002, CSDRI was transferred to the National Economic and Trade Commission; since July 2004, CSDRI came back to the administration of State Council (as science and research institute), and the China Iron and Steel Association (CISA) was entrusted to manage CSDRI on behalf of the State Council.
【Major Business Fields】 CSDRI's main business was composed by consulting and publishing.
1. Consulting Business Unit:
Industry Consulting: providing consulting services in iron and
steel industry policy, strategy, planning, organization
structure, economies and operation.
Corporate Consulting: providing consulting services such as
development strategy and management system, competitiveness and
business model analysis, costs and technology comparisons for
iron and steel corporates, miners and other non-ferrous metal
2. Publishing Business Unit:
China Steel Yearbook (Chinese)
China Steel Focus (monthly publication, Chinese)
Metallurgical Financial Accounting (monthly publication, Chinese)
China Steel Yearbook (English)
【Our Clients】 Our clients include macro-economy and industry management departments of Chinese government, iron and steel corporates, finance and investment companies, national and international organizations.
Iron and steel corporates
Macro-economy and industry management departments of Chinese steel industry, such as National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, State Council, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce, CISA and etc.
Industry related organizations, such as financial companies, logistic companies, management and research institutions.
【Human Resources】 We are proud to assembly a smart, well-rounded, highly-professional and experienced team: The majority of our staffs own post-graduate or doctoral degree. Most of them hold professional qualifications such as professional engineer, senior economist and senior accountant. Our staffs are majored in economics, management, accounting, finance, econometrics, mining and selecting, metallurgy, steel making, IT and etc.
Legal Representative, Director and Vice Chairman of the Party: Shi Hongwei
Chairman of Party: Yang Zunqing
Deputy Director: Ma Shuanglai
Deputy Director: Zheng Yuchun
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